How do I use a web-cam in CoLA Classrooms?


Use the web-cam only on the Macintosh platform

A WebCam that uses a USB interface may be connected to the Classroom Technology suite using the Macintosh OS-X Operating System.


Most Macintosh OS-X computers in classrooms have the Skype application. WebCams are available for check-out, and are "plug and play" on the OS-X computers. At the present time, this Skype/WebCam combination is our only classroom video conference solution.


Connect the WebCam's USB connector to the extension labeled MAC on the technology console. For best results, attach the WebCam device to the computer monitor.


Using Skype


The following use case assumes your are using the WebCam with Skype, however, most of the points herein are directly transferable to the iChat application.



Skype is intentionally not installed in the shortcut Dock at the bottom of the monitor. To start the Skype application the user must find it in the applications directory.


User supplied Skype account


After the application starts, login with your account name and password.



Change audio input after the Skype application starts


The video signal from the WebCam will be the video source by default.

The audio input must be manually selected in the Skype preferences dialog.



--- End ---